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BIOGRAPHIES is an interdisciplinary conceptual art project conceived and spearheaded by Kathleen Bitetti. The Project examines gender roles, gender assignment, fairy tales, Royalty & class structures, mass culture, identity, race & ethnicity, the “commoditification & branding” of individuals, and gender issues by utilizing a vast array of mediums including: new media and digital image making, sculpture, performance, installation, photography, video, and the internet.

The ideal audiences for are, but are not limited to: the general public, the "art community", activists, university populations, young girls, teenage girls and boys, and women and men of all ages and backgrounds. These audiences have been and/or will be reached via the internet, with performances/ appearances, through exhibitions in public spaces, art spaces and universities, and by community based artist residencies. is designed to allow Bitetti to invite guest artists to work with her on specific aspects of the Project. is also designed not only to promote itself, but to also to promote the individual art careers and the work of the guest artists. Some of the guest artists have been Melody King/Tangerine Boutique, Joanne Kaliontzis, Cynthia von Buhler, and Laura Wulf. Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Solar Michalski is graciously acting as the project’s muse.