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Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Solar Michalski, who is of Polish Royal decent and Italian Noble decent, is presently pursuing an advanced degree in art history at an undisclosed university in the greater Boston area (Massachusetts, USA).

Among her many interests are women's issues, improving the status of women, contemporary art, fashion (vintage clothing and emerging/contemporary designers), protecting the environment, and working towards world peace. She is an avid reader and is also very interested in encouraging literacy and education- especially for girls and women.

Princess Sophia's deep concern over the plight of practicing artists of all disciplines compelled her to become involved on a state-wide level with projects that will hopefully serve as national and international models.

Her concern of how the new Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law will impact the State's artists working in all disciplines, prompted her to personally fund the artists run web site:

The Princess also stepped in to fund a new artists run website to help empower Massachusetts artists working in all disciplines to become part of the state-level public policy dialog:

The Princess is graciously acting as the artists' "muse" for "".


Photograph by Laura Wulf